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General Terms

General terms and conditions of car hire :

          Minimum age to hire a car: 23 years old

          A valid European or International driving license issued at least a year earlier is requierd

          Minimum length of hire is one day (24 hours)

          Tickets and fines for driving offences, administrative charges, etc during the hire period will be paid by the renter

           All fuel during the period of hire is paid by the renter

Our cars are insured against liability to third parties (excluding the driver) and material damages to third parties

All our cars are made available with collision damage waiver (CDW) and insurance protection against theft (TP) which limits the driver's/ hirer's liability to the amount of 600 to 1200euros depending on the car category.

Optional insurance coverage

           Full damage waiver (FDW) is available at the cost of 10 to 14 euros per day, depending on the car category, to minimize the renter's liability in case of accident. This coverage is ONLY valid if damages caused are not due to infringement or violation of traffic law

           Full theft protection (FTP) is available at the cost of 4 to 6 euros per day , depending on the car category

           Personal accident insurance (PAI) is available at 3 euros per day to cover the driver of the car for bodily injury or death up to 15.000euros

None of the above insurance is valid:

           For damage caused to the interior of the car, or to glass, to tyres or to the underneath of the car

           For anything that has occured while the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other such substances

           In the event of the car being driven by person whose name is not in the rental agreement

           For damage caused while the car is driven on unsuitable surfaces or from non-legal and non-secure parking of the car

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