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Orthi Ammos is one spectacular sandy and shallow beach, next to Frangokastelo, located 80km south of Chania, at the edge of a big valley with very warm climate. The area is not overdeveloped, in contrary to the touristic area of Frangokastelo.

It is famous for the big sand hills and dunes that have been shaped and the crystal clear waters. The beach is affected by south winds, but not too much. The east part of the beach is usually occupied by nudists. You can access the beach by either walking 10' from Frangokastelo or parking above the sand hills. Note that sand is very hot!

The beach is very quiet, in comparison to Frangokastelo that is directly next to it. However, there are a very few accommodation and food amenities, but no sunbeds and water sport services.

According to the legend, the sand of Orthi Ammos covered the unburried bodies of the 335 greek heroes that fought against Turks during the Battle of Frangokastello (17 May 1828). The spirits of these heroes are the legendary Drosoulites, the famous "ghosts" of Frangokastelo.

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